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Absolute Collagen Marine Collagen Supplement

100% of participants taking Absolute Collagen experienced improvements in clinical measures of skin quality

Want to know if our award-winning collagen supplements really work? They really do! Here’s the evidence.

The UK’s most awarded collagen supplement is now clinically proven

It’s official. Absolute Collagen’s unique formulation of 8000mg of hydrolysed liquid marine collagen is now clinically proven to significantly improve skin and hair quality

This makes our award-winning marine collagen supplement one of the best on the market  for improving skin elasticity, decreasing the appearance of fine lines, and supporting the appearance of glossier hair for men and women.

Why buy a collagen supplement?

We need collagen for a number of reasons. After the age of 25, our body’s natural collagen production (fibroblasts cells) depletes. This is mainly due to age, along with lifestyle habits, pollution, sun exposure, and other toxins. 

Graph showing the depletion of collagen within our body

As for what collagen is, it is a major structural protein that provides strength and support to our skin, hair, nails, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Collagen helps to form a fibrous network in the dermis, upon which new cells can grow, as well as being required for the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells.

However, as the fibroblasts cells responsible for producing collagen naturally decrease due to ageing, the visible signs of ageing become more prominent. 

Unfortunately, by the time we get to age 40, we will have lost around one-third of our collagen. This can increase the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and brittle hair and is usually the time people start to consider taking a collagen supplement.

So, is Absolute Collagen any good?

We always strive for absolute quality in all our collagen products – and this latest clinical study of our marine collagen supplement proves what we’ve always known. Yes! Absolute Collagen does work!

In the video below, Dr. Dave Reilly, Senior Scientist at Absolute Collagen, talks through our clinical trial. Dr. Reilly has a PhD in Biochemistry and has worked in Skincare and Life Sciences for over 30 years.

How do we know Absolute Collagen supplements work? For our study, we conducted the largest and most robust clinical study of a collagen product. Our leading research into marine collagen was the ‘gold standard’ because of the following measures we put in place:

  • Independent (a global expert in clinical research conducted the study)
  • Randomised 
  • Placebo-controlled
  • Double-blind (neither experts nor participants knew which was placebo)
  • Included clinical measures and self-reported data
  • UK-based
Testing collagen supplement for wrinkles on woman's eye
Our collagen supplement results for skin

Our clinical study found that YES our liquid collagen supplements are worth taking for those seeking improved skin evenness and for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Participants also said their skin was brighter, smoother, and replenished after taking Absolute Collagen’s liquid collagen for 12 weeks.

                                                    collagen supplement results for skin
    of participants experienced improvements in skin eveness
                                                    collagen supplement results for skin
    of participants experienced improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
                                                    collagen supplement results for skin
    of participants showed significant improvements in skin elasticity

While our trial ran for 12 weeks, many subjects using Absolute Collagen saw results after just six weeks, with results improving in the weeks after.

Collagen supplement reviews for skin

Take a look here for more about how long it takes for Absolute Collagen to work.

Our collagen supplement results for hair

Our Absolute Collagen liquid collagen works wonders for hair, too! After 12 weeks, trial participants said they enjoyed smoother, thicker, and glossier hair, with 60% saying their hair was less prone to breakage.

  • of participants said that their hair feels smoother
  • of participants said that their Hair Feels Stronger
  • of participants said that their Hair has less breakage
Why does taking Absolute Collagen work so well?

With such incredible collagen supplement results, you might be wondering what it is about Absolute Collagen that makes it the best collagen supplement against other providers.

Our impressive collagen liquid is effective for a few very unique reasons:

  • The UK’s most concentrated collagen dose – Each 10ml sachet contains 8000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen 
  • High quality ingredients – Along with 8000mg collagen there is vitamin C, water, sweeteners and natural flavouring ingredients in Absolute Collagen. That’s it!
  • Expert-led and endorsed by top trichologists – We follow the science, utilising some of the best skin and hair experts in the industry
  • Oral marine supplement – Oral collagen supplements absorb through the intestinal barrier direct into the bloodstream. This means it is absorbed more quickly and effectively than collagen capsules, tablets, or powders.
  • It works for a long time – The clever part of taking marine collagen is that it stimulates your body to create more collagen where it’s needed, whether in skin, hair, nails, or elsewhere.
The UK's most awarded collagen supplement is now clinically proven

We’re immensely proud of our products and how they are helping to improve our customers’ confidence from the inside out. But what did our subjects look like after the 12 weeks collagen trial was complete? 

Take a look at our collagen before and after pictures below to see the results for yourself!

Subject 3
Subject 7
Subject 5

Our study found Absolute Collagen works for improving skin and hair quality for men and women aged 40+. The next step is to try Absolute Collagen for yourself!

To read more about the results of the study, download our report findings on how well Absolute Collagen works.

Image of participant have their skin data recorded in collagen trial